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Fashion Guru was made for people that love fashion but don’t know where to start. Our goal is for you to gain confidence in yourself by improving your look. We understand that everybody has their own ideal image of what they want to look like, and it is our job to make that a reality.

Our Stylists

Fashion Guru's personal stylists are passionate about style. They’re trendsetters, fashion experts and problem solvers. But, more importantly, they thrive on hearing from and about you. Our stylists are motivated most by learning about your style and your evolving needs so they can make you feel confident.

Stephen Arifin, Founder & CEO.

Inspired by the opportunity to integrate the apparel industry with data and technology, Stephen founded Fashion Guru in early 2016. Before, Stephen graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and became a software engineer for major companies such as Microsoft and Texas Instruments. Now, he wants to create a platform for men that allows them to comfortably learn how to dress well.

"When I was younger, I had a real hard time with my confidence. I felt like I was always trapped in my shell. I began to learn how to properly dress and how to get a proper haircut and it gave me the confidence I needed to start living life. It's been a long journey, but I've become better man because of it." - Stephen

Now, Stephen is working on a new company that helps landlords and property managers get their tenant applicant's verified proof of income. Using The Closing Docs enables landlords to expedite the review and approval process, while increasing the accuracy of their reported income. And it is completely free for the landlord!

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Stephen Arifin, founder of Fashion Guru

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